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Oh man it was Dream Boat City last night as The Muffs played live in Portland

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.17.26 PMerrr cute band alert! Maybe this is not a newsflash as The Muffs have been rocking since 1991, last night was the first time they’ve played together in Portland, Oregon in 15 years and they brought it. They totally rock and have transcending iconic style as well.

Check ’em out:


Ronnie Barnett, Kim Shattuck, and Roy McDonald killed it last night!


redd kross do pdx

Tonight we will have the pleasure of seeing glam punk legends Redd Kross headline East End’s annual Block Party. Known for their infectious power pop and their often over the top vintage fashion we thought it’d be the perfect time to share a few pictures of them past and present.

Formed in 1978 they were a huge part of the LA punk scene and their bass player Steven McDonald also plays in a little band called OFF! with Keith Morris from the Circle Jerks / Black Flag. Redd Kross are releasing their new album “Researching the Blues” next month on Merge records after 15 years of silence and tonight are playing right here in Portland Oregon. Here’s hoping they they stop in the shop today for some new vintage duds…