The Scoop on Hollywood Babylon


flashback to when we first opened…love it!

Atomic Redhead

Just a few blocks away from where I live, along Sandy Blvd. in the Hollywood District of Portland lays the latest vintage shop to open up in the Rose City – Hollywood Babylon.  There, owners Brigid and Peter offer up a wide array of vintage clothing that is also interspersed with items from local indie designers at pretty gosh darn affordable prices!  And did I mention they also have a pinball machine you can play – and with a certain score you can earn a few bucks off your purchase!

“It’s always been a dream to open up a vintage shop,” says Brigid, who worked in the fashion industry with designers prior to opening up shop, “I’ve collected vintage clothing for 20 years…having this store seemed like a natural progression.”  Peter is of a similar state, “I collected for years too,” he shared.  As for business side of things, he…

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